Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Weird Secret

Or let's just say, one of them:

I take a picture of myself every day that I'm in the office. It started as a novelty when I got my first photobooth software, and then I just made it a habit. For awhile I posted them on my old online diary, as a signoff/memory stamp type thing (I won't be doing that in this blog). Then when I closed up shop there, I kept taking them out of habit and just stored them and never looked at them. I assumed they would be interesting to me someday I guess, and today was the day I decided to take an interest. I thought it might be cool to see a side-by-side comparison of myself, to get a visual of the aging process. Groundbreaking result of the experiment: I got older, and it shows. But not as much as I thought. I suppose if I keep doing it for 10 or 20 years it might make more of an impression, but I can't imagine keeping this up for that long. Anyway, I could just tell you I did all that and not show you, but I'm taking the "show, don't tell" tenet of writing literally today.

Voila, me on this date (or close to this date) for the past six years of my life.

Your standard whippersnapper

Really, why am I doing this?


Sleepless parent era: let the aging truly begin


Same sweater, similar pose. Huh.

From year to year, I've changed a lot, and then obviously not at all. The conclusion is, I really should be doing this with my kid. Maybe I'll start when I get home tonight.

I'm going to go do something useful to humanity now.

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