Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Champagne and Roses, Diamonds on Her Fingers

Just getting over a touch of the bon vivant, and boy do I need a rest! All that leaving the house and social interaction is exhausting when you've been languishing in the stretchy pants-couch-and-dvr circuit for nigh upon three years. Truly I do cherish my lazy-ass time, but it's so nice to have the chance to get out and do things here and there. This weekend was a regular spoil of doing things, from a Friday night sleepover hang with other friends-with-kids, to good old Sunday night trivia with my dad and a couple of other friends to me crashing Mike's work party last night. I look forward to lots of evening snuggling with HR tonight followed by early to bed, but it was a good run. My parents' impromptu visit made it all possible, which was awesome for us because they are awesome and built-in childcare is awesome, but also it's so important to us for HR to spend time with any of his grandparents any time he can.

It is humbling to realize I am completely out of nightlife shape and will likely never get back to my weight class there, as it were. But I'm cool with where I am in my journey, this extended period of domestic coziness with room for the occasional rave-up. I just bought my ticket to Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane, but it's not until the end of March so it's good that I have more than a month to endurance train. To the high life!

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