Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have spent WAY too much time on facebook the past couple of days, as some of you may have noticed. I can directly attribute it to how much time I've spent on necessary but tedious tasks in the workplace. The day is mighty long when data entry and running reports make up the entire schedule, so it's helpful to my sanity (and I like to say productivity as well) when I take breaks to post a song or a picture or something that's on my mind. The interaction it sometimes prompts is nice, too. And now the audit preparation phase is nearly over for this year, so I'll be a scarcer presence online, and that's a very healthy thing.

Speaking of healthy, I have to say that in the wake of a couple of sickness ridden weeks, we seem to be a family on the mend, and it's really showing in HR. He's going through a particularly enjoyable phase where he's mostly in a good mood, and we're having so much fun with his energy and imagination. I've always been the bath-and-bed parent and loved our rituals as they evolved, but now it's my super duper favorite time of day because that period of time between dinner and going to sleep is chock full of made-up songs and crazy dances and watching him in his own world as he plays with his bath toys. Just the manic amazement that is being almost three, finished off with a nice cuddle and closeness, it's a trip. Every stage has been my favorite, but this one is really, really it. Plus he's sleeping through the night consistently (waking at 5:30 like our own bald-ass rooster, but still) and that automatically increases the likeability of every member of the household by 75%. Parenting will always be hard work, but there are times where it feels like less work than others, and I'm riding this gilded wave for as long as I can.

Accordingly, the musical selection today is provided by HR. Hey, we almost got through the thing without him breaking out into "Old Mac(Effing)Donald". Almost. Also, I'm just so proud that instead of whining for me to stop filming him, he said "No thank you." Every day a breakthrough, people.


  1. Please let my adorable nephew know that ducks say quack. ;)
    So cute!!