Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Hidden Track of "Shipoopi" Must Also Exist

Most of the time my life is a valentine. What a jerk to say that. But it's true, I've been dealt a good hand. It's not a fairy tale by any means (though I do think it's bizarre that "fairy tale" has become aspirational when you consider all the violence in the roots of most beloved stories). I consider it more like a box of Lucky Charms-- most of the marshmallow bits are represented, even on the not-so-great days. I've got no beef with Valentine's Day, not like I did in my younger knee-jerk cynical days. But it's also not really my jam. I don't have a tradition with Mike, and I don't consider it a special occasion for us. As he gets older I'm sure we'll do something for HR, but for this year it's just a day. I mean, what's the difference when you're under the impression that you're king of the world anyway?

I'm not saying I'm above Valentine's Day or that people who observe it are lame, not at all. With all the terrible-ness in the world, I do think it's wonderful that there's a day to celebrate love. But it's also a bummer that historically our society has exploited the sentiment to make a lotta cheddah for corporations, and in the process caused people feel somehow lacking. And then it's expected we all go back to being dingleberries for the rest of the year. That's not cool.

Anyway, from me to you, whatever makes you happy. In honor of VD, or for no reason. Here's the Beatles covering The Music Man and I maintain it's just the cutest thing, year-round.

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