Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Huggies, GFY

"There are all sorts of great ways to spend Rewards Points. You've bought, you've entered, you've earned. Now it's time to Reward yourself, Mom. Go ahead, you deserve it."

Yes Huggies! I'm the only one who purchases or changes diapers in my home, and then I kick back on my couch in my extremely practical stilettos, dreaming about what all moms dream about: cookware! Oh marketing geniuses, how do you know me so well? Are you hiding in my house right now? In my head? It's true that I have yet to find a product that doesn't fall prey to sexist marketing, but baby-related items and housecleaning supplies take the crown of shame. How have we not moved on yet?

Anyway, gotta go, I saw a commercial for a new vacuum cleaner during my soaps the other day, and I need a few minutes in private with that image.

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