Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Get It, You Like Each Other

I am very lucky to have siblings who are also friends. Growing up we always loved each other, no question, but I wouldn't say we were friends. We were family who had our happy moments, and woe to an outsider who would dare mess with one of the other two, but partly because of how spaced out we were in age and partly because it's just how kids are, we weren't bffs of the world. Now that we're big people, though, we are not only super close, but I consider my sister and brother to be two of the top hangs of all time. A lot of people agree with this (fortunately Mike is one, because it would just be awkward if he wasn't). And while I don't consider myself to be a slouch in the party-situations department, from the untrained eye I am by far the most reserved when it comes to fun. So it's nice to have an automatic in with those guys, is the takeaway.

Hence the perenially popular sibling gift: instead of exchanging stuff, we pick a date to go out together and spend our money doing what we all enjoy. That being eating good food, bending the elbow a fair bit, and being together. This past weekend marked the official OFFICIAL end of the 2012 holidays, as we observed Perry Sibling Christmas in Portland. It so happened I had some hotel points that were in danger of expiring, so we had a suite right in the Old Port in which to crash, Mike was able to rearrange his work schedule to attend and my parents were able to watch HR overnight at my sister and brother-in-law's house. We were in town on Saturday morning for my cousin's baby shower anyway (EEEE I can't wait for this baby), so the conditions were perfect for a night on the town. Lo, it transpired, and much fun was had. We started off with a round o' pints at a cozy pub where the staff was thrilled at our enthusiasm regarding their choice of Pandora station (Hall & Oates - bet you thought I was going to say Toto). There was toasting in the hotel hot tub, gluttonousness at the hibachi joint, and end-of-watch shenanigans at Gritty's, strung together with gabbing and laughter. We got to spend time with one dear old family friend, but unfortunately missed out on another. And my brother-in-law soldiered through the deep end of the decidedly undelicious scorpion bowl, which led to a tough morning after for him. My morning after was sleep-filled and devoid of demands for cereal bars and Super Why, so it was like finding a pizza under a pile of nachos (aka, what I imagine heaven to be). HR had a great time being spoiled by his grandparents, and there's nothing like the loviness of a reunion with him. In sum, the good and not-so-good combined obviously beg a do-over, preferably before next Christmas. Let's do this.

Admittedly what I wrote today was less of a post than an extended brag on winning the sibling lottery. But it's an honest brag, infused with thankfulness. And now for another entry in the all-time family dance floor filler countdown.

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