Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tradition! And Passed Hors D'ouevres

So the Bar Mitzvah, where to begin? The young man of honor was amazing, so laid back and confident as he recited his torah portion and other things I don't have the true concept of, but appreciate. Knowing my nephew as I do, I can't say it was a surprise that he was so natural under pressure. Still, that's my little boy up there! (Apologies for the poor photo quality).

What happened to him? How could he really be a man? It was mighty impressive to me how much he's learned over the past couple of years. I realize I don't talk about religion a lot. I'm not a religious person by any means, but I have no problem with other people being religious as long as they're not using it as a means to oppress people or be hateful in any way.  From my experience, Judaism gets this right a lot of the time, and it was pretty cool to be a part of this rite of passage that is so meaningful in the lives of half my family. The preparation for something like this is daunting, whatever I had to do for my Catholic confirmation was not even close to the same league. He deserved the big party that followed.

And about that party - holy hannah! My sister-in-law outdid herself with the shindig, the food and drink were copious and top-notch, and though Mike did not appreciate the music (he is not as enamored of current Top 40 dance jams as I am) I sure did and had a cadre of cousins and sisters-in-law with whom to cut a rug. Plus the kids seemed to be into it, and really isn't that the most important part? One thing that really warmed my heart was that my nephew and all his friends--I think there were like 500?--were on the dance floor the entire night, boys and girls. (Behold, the official boys' uniform for evening affairs. I didn't get a good one of the girls, but just imagine a lot of strapless and you're halfway there.)

They didn't exactly dance with each other, but they all danced and I hope they keep it up into their teens and beyond. Because dancing is life! If I would have known in my formative years that dancing with kids on their special occasions was a paying job (per the pretty impressive dancers employed by the DJ company), I might be on a very different trajectory right now. Yet another missed calling on my part. Oh well, next life.

It was great to see so many family members over the weekend, some getting to meet HR for the first time. And we had lots of fun relaxing in the hotel. It was a bummer we couldn't take the little one in the pool due to the leftovers from the virus, but as long as he didn't know it was there, it was no problem. He had a blast hanging out with his aunts, uncles and grandparents and was in his glory in the company of his big-boy cousins. While he sat out the more formal parts of the weekend (with thanks to my sister and her husband for his care), he was very much a part of it all.

And apparently he was really happy to get back to his own room after all the excitement because the sleeping has been tons better the last couple of nights. (No jinx!)

Two years until the next one, give or take. I'm getting my dancing shoes shined up now.

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