Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nonagenarian In The House

My grandmother turned 90 today. I spoke to her this morning, and she was getting ready for a busy day of appointments, a birthday lunch, and an evening of receiving phone calls from her many admirers. She is nothing short of marvelous, never forgetting a single one of her children's, grandchildren's, or great-grandchildren's birthdays or those of her longtime man-friend Joe (and I'm sure when her first great-great-grandchild comes into the world any day now he'll make the card calendar). She is proud of every single one of us and keeps track of our comings and goings-- woe befall any of her sons or daughters (who range in age from their 40s to 70s) if they don't let her know when they've arrived at their destination during traveling. I tell you, if I'm half as with it when I'm her age--if I'm lucky enough to make it to her age--I'll be more with it than a lot of people. So happy happy birthday to Memere, we're so blessed to have her with us and thriving (not to mention thrilled to have a share in her genes).

Tomorrow is a similarly big birthday for my own longtime man-friend and one-and-only baby daddy, and we're going out tonight to celebrate. True to form we have no solid plans outside of leaving HR (or "Baby Emma" as he's taken to calling himself - it makes sense if you know my last  name) in the care of my cousin and her husband with nary a backward glance. I'm very much looking forward to the official grown-ups' birthday date, where we actually go and what we do being beside the point. Should be good no matter what.

And now my bubblegum pick for the 1980s, from what is probably my favorite "boy band" of all time, the inimitable New Edition. The moves, the fashion, the pre-deadbeat Bobby Brown, it's all there.

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