Monday, March 12, 2012

In Favor of Illegitimate Spring

As IF I'm going to talk about Daylight Savings.

It was a pretty great weekend, overall. I made the mistake of reminding HR early Saturday morning that he had the last of his waterbabies classes that day and he whined, pointing at the door, from then until his 12:30 lesson. The ecstatic smile on his face the entire time he was in the pool made all the whining worth it, though. For some reason he's not loving his bath lately, but he's still quite the little fish when it comes to the pool. Plus when his hair is wet his curls stretch out halfway down his back and it looks hilarious. I'm sure the other parents were wondering why we let our little girl go in the pool with just trunks on. Oh we are the worst, but I just can't bring myself to get him a haircut yet.

The rest of the time was taken up by regular house-y stuff, also a lovely date night during which we took in the best barbecue in all of greater Boston (Sweet. Cheeks. Buddies.) and watched Being Elmo. You'd think that more Elmo is the last thing we'd seek out in light of our toddler's all day, every day Sesame Street obsession, but we were both dying to see it. A word about this film: it's short and sweet and fascinating and rather inspiring. And I cried no fewer than three times. I recommend it on the whole without reservation, but be forewarned there's some tear-jerking stuff afoot.

On the flip side, I'm deep, deep into The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and it's occupying every nook of my brain. It's all I can do to not disappear to a corner of the workplace to finish it up, but if I do that I may never resurface. These books are so brutal and horrifying (frankly the writing itself doesn't thrill me, and sometimes I'm wondering if the author just cut and pasted from an Ikea catalog. Also, do Swedes really drink that much coffee? Petra, help me out here) but I am hooked because the mystery element and pacing are so well done. Lisbeth Salander occasionally walks an almost Mary Sue line because dudes love her so much, but as characters go, she's won me over. Between all the Scandinavian darkness and my Game of Thrones binge, I think my brain will soon need a detour to the valley of the cute and fluffy bunnies. At the very least I'll need a palate cleanser before The Hunger Games comes out.

Apparently we're just going to skip to May now? No complaints whatsoever, I'm just used to March being about 35 days of slog to get to a glimpse of spring. It doesn't feel earned, after this non-winter but again, not a complaint.

In terms of pure cheesiness, I could probably do a lot worse for my 1990s bubblegum pick, but I love this song so dearly to this day (and can't guarantee I haven't already linked it but am too lazy to do an archive search), so I'm giving it the crown.

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