Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyone Agrees

It's so frustrating when I have a perfectly lovely weekend and it ends poorly and that's where I shift my focus. It wasn't even anything so bad, just that I'm showing signs of coming down with my annual cold and our poor boy is teething HAHHD and it made for a miserable night for the whole fam-damily. That's just part of life sometimes, I can more than handle it, but it annoys me that I'm letting that bit of sustained misery overshadow a couple of days of pancake eating and 5 o'clock beers and dancing around to stupid music. HR can almost jump, and the almost-jump is about the most hilariously adorable things I've ever seen. Those are the parts I want to take away, so why let the ragestorm--which I know is brought on by sinus pressure and lack of sleep--rob me of them?

Tomorrow I'll be better, but even if I'm not, I'll fake it, so you'll never know. Eh, you'll know, I'm not good at faking. But I'm hopeful that I won't have to.

Good lard I love this song.

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