Monday, March 19, 2012

Success. Knock Wood.

Big news: the boy went to sleep at 7:30 last night, and I didn't hear a peep from him until almost 3 a.m., which is undeniable progress. It's the best night we've had in ages, and I know it's because I've been taking the hard line on bringing him into our bed. It's not pleasant when you're going through it, I won't lie. But it's not actually that bad, and the results take a short time to show up. Someone please remind me about this next time I go off on an incoherent sleep-deprived rant. And thank you everyone who weighed in with support and advice. He doesn't seem to hold the nighttime battles against us. Things are good.

Oh, so good they are. We had a terrific, terrific weekend, and the spectacular weather probably did its part in making it so great. HR is so much fun to be outside with now. He's so full of wonder, and so active and curious. This is the best, best, BEST age. We spent a lot of time at the park and just bumping around the neighborhood, color-spotting (Elmo! Oscar!) and looking for cats and dogs and birds and babies. Hopping off of curbs is a new favorite pastime. I consider myself extremely lucky that my kid doesn't take off on me, he's getting to be more of a daredevil, but is quite conscientious about holding hands, and that's essential when everywhere we walk is heavily trafficked. For an always-loveable but frankly high maintenance little baby (though aren't they all, in their own ways?) HR turned into an agreeable, easy kid and he makes us laugh and smile constantly (he's been doing this thing where he'll say "Mum. Mum. Mum." and "Dad. Dad. Dad," over and over again, testing out the new titles to see if we think he's being impertinent, I think). The improved sleep is the olive in the martini, so to speak. I could never, would never ask for more.

Yesterday was one of the days you always imagine life will be like when you have a child. We woke up not too early, had a great time at the park, he gifted me with a stellar nap so I could catch up on some Game of Thrones, and we went to meet Daddy for an after-work "bee-ah" (apparently my child was born Australian?) when his shift ended. Dinner, bath, bedtime, then the blessed 7-hour stretch of sleep. If only they could all be like this, but when they happen it makes all the ones that aren't so wonderful worth it. You know? You know.

Friday morning we got to spend time with an old friend of Mike's who lives on the West Coast. We got to meet his bride and their gorgeous infant for the first time, and it made me miss my old friends because the dynamic is just the same. You don't see them for so long, and when you do it's like no time has passed. Which is great. But I still need to make the effort to stay in better touch. That's a real weak spot for me, and it makes no sense.

Anyway, here's a song for sunshine and sleep and old friends and a decent Monday to begin a week that will culminate in a big party. YAY. And also, YAY!


  1. Glad to hear you got some rest! We had the dream weekend too! A St. Pats parade with the little was all we could ask for, dancing in the streets, cold beer for us. A perfect mix! So what did you do when he woke up at 3? Don't worry, he won't remember this for near as long as you will :)

  2. Awesome! And thanks again for the support. He did come in bed at 3 because I am so not with it once I've been in a deep sleep. But if it doesn't phase out soon I'll have to work on that too. But so far so good! -D

  3. I know. Ain't life grand. KB