Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh the Depths...

This is another post about pinterest, kinda, which makes me feel silly but it's not like silly is an adjective that doesn't apply to me. Hmm, enough negatives for you there? The point is, I realized that of all my dumb but addictively joy-inducing little pinterest boards, the one that's the most populated board by far--obviously my favorite to which I pin things--is the "Crushing" board.

And I'm ok with that. But it bears some examination. On the surface, it appears I've never quite transcended that adolescent phase of boy-craziness or what have you that compelled me to plaster my walls with Michael Hutchence (and god help me Andrew Shue I think?) and other people who are just plain nice to look at. Nothing wrong with that, and undeniable. There are a lot of people I find attractive in real life as well as fake life (celebrities). And with spring and all, the tendency to get caught up in it is ramped up to the nth power.

But there's something to be said about having all these beloved faces together in a personal gallery. I find it inspiring to look upon those I find beautiful in whatever way. What a little enclave, with drag queens and ice skaters and rappers and dead people and funny guys. Some women, some men. Some I am drawn to for purely physical reasons, but the overwhelming majority for what sets them apart in their respective fields, what makes them shine. When I use the word "crush" it's a catch-all word for admiration on so many levels. At the very essence of the practice, there's some component in nearly everyone I pronounce crushworthy--a strength, a talent, a special light--that I want for myself.

And then there's just this:

OK so I actually really adore Paul Rudd for being so funny and good at acting but I can appreciate that he's real purty too.

Here's the part wherein I defend my musical selection of the day. Let me go on record saying that I've never been a fan of Mr. Sean Combs or any of his alter egos--Puff Daddy was half responsible for the terrible fate of hip-hop in the mid-to-late 1990s (the other half having been molested by Limp Bizkit and all the other rap-rock monstrosities)--but I kind of like this song. It feels honest to me, and a tribute to The Notorious B.I.G. that the truly terrible "I'll Be Missing You" tried to be but fell very, derivatively short. I might have gone to far with this one, but no turning back.

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  1. I love your Pinterest crushes! Love them! I also have a crush board, but mine isn't as far along as yours yet, since I've been busy. We all need some silly fun, though, esp with spring in the air. It's silly, fun, and addictive. Yeah!
    --fivefold574 (I formerly had a different username with which I've commented here before. If/when I get a new site up and running, will def. let you know!). xoxo,