Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moderne Tymes

ETA: I wrote this hours ago but forgot to publish. Oh well, I'm back, it was a lovely time. So la-di-da, la-di-da.

I'm about to go meet a friend for lunch, a very talented photographer and writer I've known for years but never actually met. He's not a local but will be passing through town, so we made plans to get together for a pow-wow. Isn't it amazing to think that not long ago this was considered crazy and unusual and now people meet through the internet all the time? Some of the people I know and love the most I've met through online communities, and I don't think it's weird at all. It makes a lot of sense for me actually since I am super shy and have always expressed myself better in writing, at least initially. (Don't worry Ma, etc., I am very careful and always make sure to meet with a group or in daylight in a public place and Mike knows where I am and all the SVU-approved guidelines.)

I'm just looking forward to meeting in person after all this time. Because even in this day and age, though a person can be real to you on paper, they're not actually really real until you know how they fit in a three-dimensional capacity (ETA we almost unknowingly met way back in October as he works at the burger joint in midtown Manhattan where we ate before our friend's wedding during that crazy blizzard - what a world!). I can't imagine how that could change. So if you're reading this and haven't met me, you're probably bound to one of these days. And yeah, I'm am shorter than you might think, even. (Though my friend today did tell me I was taller than he expected - thank you Frye boots!)

Now if this rain would just stop. At least we're not snowed in like everyone else. YET.

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