Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Songs for Two Words

I'm not going to go dark today. I in no way support SOPA or PIPA - are you kidding me? If that mess goes through I'm all done here. And more importantly, intellectual freedom--which includes broadcasting plain ol' dumbness--loses. And I don't like losing. I get that from my Memere.

So I'm writing to my representatives and doing what I can to make sure this travesty doesn't go through. Not because the world needs my daily parental word-barf and charmingly horrible musical selections. But because it doesn't need thought police operating under the guise of protection.


And yeah, I also wouldn't be able to express myself though the medium of someone else's copyrighted (and fully attributed) brilliance. And that just makes me sad. So if you want to keep seeing just how crazy I can get with my song links, I suggest you start clickity-clacking as well. The amazing folks at Wikipedia make it easy to do right here.

HA! When I think of terrible music, why does my mind always immediately go to Bread? And man, just think of how sucky your day would be if you couldn't marvel at my capability to reach such lows? Right?

Apologies for burying the lede as it were, but this morning HR lobbed another milestone marker at us: a two-word sentence. I know, big whoop, other babies younger than him have been doing it forever. But he never has. And when we were playing around with stickers, putting them on different body parts, and he said, "Daddy knee." And, "Mama knee." Frankly I'd never heard him say "knee" before, even though he knows what they are. So it was an exciting morning in Casa Joyberry.

Now here's an actual good song, to reward you for sticking around. If you did.

OH MY GOD Levon Helm was such a sex machine.

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