Monday, January 9, 2012

To Everything, A Season

Ah, great weekend, it flew by as usual. I had an excellent time chilling with my family, chowing down and being loud, like we do. Saturday night after our afternoon of buffet-style delicacies, present exchanging and a cocktail or two, Mike and I got to go out to a bar with my siblings and cousins and my parents dealt with my not-so-easygoing baby when he woke up and found I wasn't there. They were all fine, and I was thankful to have a couple of hours of solid, carefree adult time.

Now that the book is officially OFFICIALLY closed on the holidays, it's kind of nice. As blue as I can get when the season's over, I'm ready now to be on civilian time. Not to mention if HR gets one more toy our house might explode. Save for the odd offended donor that hasn't yet received his tax letter, work's rather agreeable. At home, calm and routine are the order of the day, and the ideal conditions are set for getting the boy to sleep reasonably well. We're actually off to an OK start in that respect, even though bedtime last night was rough on both of us. I got him to put himself to sleep, but it was not my preferred method (me staying in the room with him wasn't helping at all so I let him howl it out alone for the 15 minutes until he finally crashed. What would I do without my blessed video monitor?). I was secretly pleased when he woke up an hour later and I got to rock him back to sleep, as if I could make up for abandoning him earlier. From past experience, it should be less difficult by the night now that we've got that first one overwith, but for that reason, I'll be glad when the next few days are past.

I really don't want to write about sleep any more. Ever, actually, but realistically at least not for the next few days. No matter what happens, I promise I just won't bring it up. 

The new year is really in swing, and here are some things I'm especially psyched about right now:

-Season 2 of Downton Abbey, and the return of 30 Rock and Portlandia

-Finding my serious groove, treadmill-wise

-Increasingly longer days

-The first great-great grandchild on my Dad's side being born in a couple of months

-Impromptu get-aways and celebrations popping up

-And as always, every expected and unforseen development that comes with life with our busy, charming curly-topped dude. He really is my top reason to be psyched, every moment of every day.

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