Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not To Be Confused With "the Horn"

Terrific long weekend, lots and lots of cuddling time and chilling out. And now for a three day week in the office... I could get used to this. I'm once again suspending all talk of sleep because I'm starting to get the hump* about it and it's basically out of my control so I'm not going to feed into my obsession by writing about it. Rinse, repeat. Our boy is healthy and happy and a joy in so many ways, I just have to keep focusing on that and not get caught up in the things he's not doing.

Strange development I have to write about though: HR is now afraid of half of our living room for some reason. Our main floor is basically one big room, but our sectional sofa is set up so it feels like two. The biggest part of open space is basically his playroom, but the other half, where the TV and coffee table live, is home to plenty more toys and books and he's always moved freely back and forth. Up until the past couple of days, that is, when anything past the arm of the couch was suddenly hot lava. He won't pass the imaginary line on his own, no-how, and will only consent to being carried in with extreme diversionary tactics. I'm not sure what is spooking him, maybe something he saw on TV? But it's very mysterious and sudden and all I want to do is be able to fix it. It's times like these that I really wish he were more of a talker, because if he could verbalize his fear, maybe we could make it go away. Whatever, kids are weird. And if there's one thing I embrace, it's weirdness. We're not forcing him, and I'm sure we'll get it sorted out, hopefully before the next thing.

*Do only Louise Rennison devotees understand what this means?

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