Thursday, January 5, 2012

All This Sleep Talk Could Put You To Sleep

This latest bout of sleep regression is really kicking my ass. We had a decent night last night, if you consider having the baby in our bed from 11 p.m. with only one wake-up at 4 a.m. to be decent. These days, I do. I know HR's not 100% right now which means any sleep related efforts will only cause us all frustration with no progress, and he's been carted around and had his routine messed with since Thanksgiving... which is about when everything began its descent into madness. So after this weekend, once the family has cleared out and the boy is feeling reasonably well, we're going to have to go back to sleep training. Round 3, mothafuckas. My kid needs to remember that he knows how to put himself to sleep which, even when he returned to night wakings awhile back, he was at least doing this like a champ until the week before Christmas. He's mastered bedtime before, he can do it again.

Glad we had this pep talk. Anyway, other than that I'm looking at a really fun weekend and having my family in is worth any additional baby sleep woes. It truly is. Plus I get to go out--like OUT out--while my parents take over the night watch on Saturday and that's something that should prove to be good for all of us and our collective mental health. 

After awhile in this state you start to assume that most of the world is like you, seeing through the eyes of extreme sleep deprivation. Like, how else could this have been made if all parties weren't hallucinating a little bit? Drugs or crazy toddlers, same effect. To me it shows you have to be a little off, in some way, to make true art.


  1. Jeff Lynne for days

  2. Don't fret. He'll figure it out by the time he gets married.