Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I never talked about my New Year's did I? It was low-key, but lovely. For the past two years we've had a "supper club reunion", which means getting together with members of our old supper club. That sounds more formal than it actually is. We and three other couples used to take turns hosting themed dinners once a month, and these gatherings were always great times. The food and company were top notch, and the party would always rage into the night. Then babies kept coming  and two of the four couples moved out of state and we realized New Year's was pretty much our shot to relive old times. This year there were two more babies than last year, bringing us to a total of 6 kids under age 4. And my boy decided to wake up at 11:30 and not go back to sleep, so he's the only one who got a midnight kiss from me. But we did have a stellar dinner and it was great to be back with everyone.

Last night was one of the worst nights we've had in our house since HR hit the magical four-month mark, and the snot-faucet that replaced his nose this morning might explain why. I'm pretty sure he caught a cold from one of the New Year's revelers (not saying which), but if he didn't get it there, he would have gotten it elsewhere. We made it this far into the winter without one, so I count us as lucky. And oh poor me getting to escape to the office while Mike is housebound with an under-the-weather boyo. Here's hoping it's mostly out of his system before this weekend's scheduled get-together.

Movie note: I'm only about five years behind the curve on this one, so I guess that's ahead of my own curve, but I've been really into "mumblecore" movies these days. It's curious to me, my attraction to these films, because though they are written with wit and realism, they're not particularly funny. And the verisimilitude in regard to human relationships is spot on as to make me super uncomfortable. So much miscommunication and awkwardness, eee. I don't even think I really like them, but I'm drawn to them. My outsize crush on Mark Duplass might have a lot to do with this infatuation, but he's not even in all the titles. So, anyway, if you identify as a mumblecore enthusiast, wherefore? I need to understand myself, maybe you can help me.

Off now to make up for last night's lack of rest with lots of caffeine-y goodness.

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