Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What a Heavenly Way

So the weekend! What serious fun. It was, as always, too short of a time. We were in and out of the city within a 24 hour period. But the wedding was a blast, we enjoyed our friends and our grown-up time, we danced, we ate, we drank, we after-partied, we "slept in" until 9 (even though my body clock had me up a couple of times before that). HR did great on his overnight with grandma, and even though we found out that her power went out on Saturday afternoon, I didn't worry about him at all. I was dying to see him by the time Sunday morning rolled around, but I felt we made the most of our freedom.

Oh yeah, there was that matter of the ridiculous early winter storm that made our ride from Connecticut to New York a white-knuckler and certainly made a very memorable day more memorable for the wedding couple. And as I said it knocked out my mother-in-law's electricity, leaving her with, among other things, no heat. But she's used to outages due to her power-loss-prone location and she's resourceful - plus my boy happens to be a champion cuddler. They kept each other warm and entertained, and it was a true gift to his parents. Upon our return home in Boston we found we were lucky enough to have barely been touched by the storm, and it seems that fall has returned, at least temporarily, so most things have been set right (even though MIL's power was STILL out when last we heard).

Regarding Halloween- Mike decided that after everything, he couldn't bear the thought of our boy going costume-less, so he came up with... this:
I think the consensus was washed-up rockstar? Works for me. He was already scrubbed clean by the time I got home last night, but there was a photo-op and that's what counts.

Now it's November, my favorite, FAVORITE month. And though I won't torture you with holiday music until December, it doesn't mean that I'm not-so-secretly listening to it. But aside from that, yesterday my sister-in-law posted "Strangers" by The Kinks and lamented that most people knew about it because of its inclusion in The Darjeeling Limited. I love that movie, and the song, but I understand how you can feel like something that's yours has been tainted somehow when the rest of the world gets their hands on it in a seemingly unpure way. I feel that way about how my favorite Smiths song got corrupted by 500 Days of Summer, a movie I do not love even though I think I will always love Zooey Deschanel despite the fact the she's the poster girl for the latest made-up term I despise, "adorkable." It's not her fault. I realize I already posted "There's a Light That Never Goes Out" in its original form so here's a cover of it that is super.

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