Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Also Read Books

Last night, between deciding that George's daughter's wedding dress on Bored to Death was the exact dress I'd choose if I had it to do over again, and unhealthily obsessing over Amy's plaid frock on Enlightened (seriously, anyone know where I can buy it?), I realized that I'm way into clothes. I guess I was as a younger person, but by senior year of high school, which conveniently coincided with the grunge craze, I became all about function in how I chose to outfit myself. I've had fits and starts of being into personal fashion here and there, but these efforts were smothered in a closet full of jeans and hoodies before they could really take off. For some reason I'm getting all up in it again now, choosing signature pieces, paring down the rest. I'm far from stylish, but I'm developing my own style for real. I know what I want and I'm willing to wait for it to come along instead of buying cheap things willy-nilly. The jeans and hoodies will always be there for me, but they are no longer my uniform. I'm sure you're thrilled to know all that. It's just sort of baffling to me how I couldn't have cared less for so long, and now I'm all, "yay clothes!"

Last night I dreamed that I made out with Ed Helms. I'll spare you the nonsensical build-up to the event, the point is I never thought about him in that way before going to sleep last night, but now I realize I'd probably make out with the Nard Dog if given the chance. I've always been attracted to comedians. Ask my parents, until I was in college I was pretty sure I was going to end up marrying Jerry Seinfeld. I changed my mind about his marriage potential at some point, but he's an early example of how funny sells as much as sexy. Not that I'm buying right now, but hey, I can't help my dreams.

In conclusion, I probably watch too much TV.

Do you love Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers? That's not really a question. Of course you do. (Keep in mind that while the clowns and snowman plushies in this clip are a bit disturbing, they're not as disturbing as what poor Kenny's since done to his face.)

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  1. Funny thing, when I was on vacation, I read Roger Ebert's autobiography and he had this funny story where he and Gene Siskel interviewed Dolly Parton around the time "9 to 5" came out. And he and Siskel both had this experience talking to her that he described as almost religious, and he said he had never felt that before or since interviewing anyone. Like her presence filled them with light.