Monday, November 21, 2011

But I Like You

The wonderful thing about this time of year is that every day for me is, in its own way, a minor holiday, a series of tiny celebrations. The not-so-wonderful thing is how quickly it all passes, and more quickly every damn year. To wit: I had so been looking forward to this past weekend, and it was a true blast with eating and drinking and swimming and an impromptu appearance from the newest newlyweds in my family. But it was over in a flash, and it was like, did it even happen? It did indeed, as did the official passing of another year in my life. Yep, no denying I'm in my late thirties. I'm ok with that too, I don't fear aging or try to fight it in regard to my person, but I can't help but feel like time itself is a treasonous, kidney-punching dickface. I'll wake up, seemingly tomorrow, and realize that everything to which I've been building up with such giddy anticipation will have passed.

All the more reason I guess to give in to the "hey, it's one big party" mentality, to, say, take your lunch hour to buy a couple of new tops and get a gingerbread latte. Just for example. Anyway. It's busy bee time up in this piece and I've got to get back to the hive. Apropos of nothing, here's a song I just really love.

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