Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I think I might love TG eve more than Thanksgiving. If you've known me or read this thang for any amount of time, you probably already guessed this. The point is, I'm all a-hum with merriment, even as I'm a little bummed out because a snowstorm up north will most likely keep my family from getting here until tomorrow morning. I'd much rather they travel in safe conditions, but nature can be a real pain in the tuchus sometimes.

Anyway, as I stated earlier, I'm monumentally thankful for everything in my life. I have more than anyone has a right to, and I know it. But it wouldn't be like me if I didn't jump on an opportunity to make a list. Below are ten things for which I'm currently especially thankful that aren't big things like family and friends and health and job, not because I take them for granted, but because those are always at the top of my list and I imagine it gets a bit boring to read about year after.

1) The Minuteman library network, including the new electronic borrowing system. I am never sans reading material. It's a dream.

2) Music - old stuff, new stuff, I'm all about it. We try to keep the TV off and music on for most of the day at home, and I've been really digging the Stage & Screen station on Music Choice. If HR doesn't grow up to be a Broadway nerd, it won't be from Mama's lack of trying. Plus now that it's nearly December, it's full license for holiday tunes all the time.

3) Beans. All the kinds. They are a totally awesome cheap and nutritious food staple in our house that all three of us love. Coincidentally (?) the little boy is starting to appreciate fart humor.

4) Sleep. It's still not perfect, but we've come a long way. Maybe this time next year I'll be even more thankful for even more sleep, but if this is the best it gets I can deal.

5) Coffee.

6) The return of Beavis & Butt-Head. No further comment needed.

7) Photographs - I love my phone camera and digital camera, but there's nothing to me like a picture in a frame. We just hung a few new ones this morning, and I love having the visual record of our lives. We'll run out of wall space by the time the kid is three, but we'll deal with it then.

8) Cheese. Food in general always gets a shout-out, but I'm ridiculously glad I'm not vegan or lactose intolerant. I could give up meat rather easily but cheese? That'd be a struggle.

9) Dates! Not the fruit (though they are not without their charms), but the time I get to spend with my husband, just the two of us. It's become a rarity, and maybe that's what makes it so special, but any time we can get to be grown-ups together, away or at home, is rad.

10) Even with that said, and even if it's cheating given the preamble to the list, I can't not mention our little big boy, who will turn 19 months old in a couple of days. Because he is the best thing of best things ever. He is such a loving monkey, free with his cuddles and kisses, and I can't help melting when he says my name, "Mmmumma." He is getting to be so smart, learning so much that I can't even keep up. Part of me wishes I could keep him at this exact stage, but the biggest part of me is so honored, so excited to be able to share in what's to come. I know Mike and I made him and junk, but he's undeniably his own person now and he's the person at the top of my list.

So there you have it. Happy Thanksgiving to all, hoping all of you loves (for whom I am super thankful, every one) are celebrating in the way that means to the most to you! I wanted to end today's entry with a song in honor of Thanksgiving. I chose this one, though it's not strictly a song about the holiday, it's a song about gratitude in its own way. I can't actually listen to it because it makes me bawl uncontrollably, but it's super beautiful and moving.

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