Monday, November 28, 2011


See? Wasn't that ridiculously fast? Didn't I just write that post about time about five minutes ago and here is a week gone by already? Dang. At least I still have the rest of the holiday season to keep me buoyed up, but I have to say I hit a pretty low point yesterday when my house cleared out after the extended weekend of family, food and games. Thanksgiving happened! There's no more Thanksgiving to anticipate this year! You know? Sure you know. Anyway. The return to quiet and relative order was nice after a bit, but I was feeling a smack of depression that I recognized well. It's the kind that lets me know I just had a great time because I get a homesick feeling when it's over. What a luxury to realize that when I'm feeling down, that's almost always the reason, and after a little taking stock and adding some distractions (escapist TV such as Once Upon a Time and various Hallmark channel holiday movies that shall not be named, or more accurately cannot be named because they are all comfortingly the same; thoughts of what's to come, and of course my increasingly hilarious 19-month-old pal), it's easily remedied. As ever, I am so lucky.

Also I'm bombarded at work, as will be the norm for awhile, so that's all I have time for today, except to say, bring on the rest of the winter holidays! Just not too quickly.

Oh, and here's the first pick of Joyberry Pie's second annual holiday music free-for-all. Starting off on a very mellow tip.

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