Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Lucky Ones

I just totally ate pumpkin pie. It was the right thing to do. It's no secret that I'm absolutely mad for Thanksgiving, and this little preview got me especially pumped for the holiday. Lucky then that tonight is one of my very favorite nights of the year: the Annual Thanksgiving Pow-wow. Ever since we started hosting TG dinner at our home, Mike and I pick a night during the preceding week to plan the menu and start making shopping lists. Tonight is that night, and it will be done over martinis and crab cakes. I pretty much like my life.

I didn't take part in the "grateful challenge" thing that's going around this month, but know that, even when I don't say it, I'm rather in touch with my inner gratitude. I'm well aware that I've got it super good on just about every count and I feel thankful for it on the regular. But it never hurts to make a point of acknowledging it, and I love that there's a holiday dedicated to the concept. Maybe the intention has come to take a backseat to the food, but not entirely. Most people take the day to appreciate their personal blessings rather than a treating it as just another big meal or as a springboard to Christmas.

Don't get me wrong, I look forward to the food starting the moment my leftovers run out every year, but I just get this feeling that if I'm doing one thing right in my life--I'm doing plenty half-assed, believe me--but if I'm killing it at one tiny aspect of the living business, it's in embracing my family. Of course they tend to make it easy on me, in that I genuinely like the whole lot of them. But if I'm ever going to have regrets, may none of them be in terms of time I could or should have spent with loved ones. So far, so good, so let's keep it up another year.

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