Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Say It With E

Happy Mardi Gras birthday to my old man! If you are lucky enough to know him, you already know he's pretty much The Guy (not to be confused with That Guy. He's not him), but you may not know that he is also The Dad. Our munchkin could not be any more in love with his pops, and the feeling is obviously mutual. So that's yet another aspect to celebrate on this day of his birth. I won't tell you how many he is, just that he's old enough...to party. And he deserves so much better than a dated McLovin reference.

The thing about fete-ing a person I have known and loved so long and with whom I share a million memories and inside jokes is that there are too many options for a song selection. I could go manifold equally fitting ways with my choice today, and it seems the only thing to do is go the straightforwardly mushy route. So. This one's for you, my best friend of all time. You know why.

See you in a few hours for birthday beer lunch. I really couldn't love you more, but ask me tomorrow and I probably will find that I do.

1 comment:

  1. Best ever. Let's go poop at Graceland again!