Monday, March 21, 2011

From This Moment On

It's snowing as I write this. I mean, of course it is. It's not surprising that it should snow this late in March, that's more the rule than the exception around these parts, it's just that it seems to compound the extreme whatever factor of this day. Things at work have become nearly untenable. It's not my coworkers or the job itself, that's all good. It's just that, without going into any detail whatsoever, it goes to show that when you declare a situation to be THE WORST, you're just asking for another to come along and be THE WORST-EST. I totally get that having a very sick child takes its toll, I can't even imagine. But most of us on staff are not trained to run a DSS or psych ward, and over the past few months it feels like it's what this place has turned into. I blame the supermoon.

Perspective check: we're not in the rubble of a massive disaster. The population of the place will change eventually.
I get to go home at 6 o'clock and be with my sweet family. And HR has been a super sleeper lately, going down by 8 and sleeping straight through until 5, then going back for 1-2 hours after nursing. Sunday nights have sucked for some reason, I'm not sure if he can sense that I need the most sleep that night or what (and is disinclined to let me have it), but that's the only not-great part. If I can get 5 good nights out of 7, or even just 4, I have no complaints. Plus I think he's getting another tooth, and where teeth are involved all bets are off. So we're getting there, and really he is the most delicious boy. My biggest challenge is to not eat him up, I love him so. 

Back to spring, you magnificent douchebag! Thanks for showing up for a couple of days this weekend. We got out there and fully enjoyed it, my little stroller-hater boy even came around to a nice long walk. I'm so glad the season's on the cusp of change, in the way that I was dying for fall when it finally arrived. I don't have a favorite season, I even like winter (to an extent), but I get maxed out and ready for change after awhile. That's why I'll probably never leave New England. I don't mind that the nice weather doesn't fall exactly in line with the changeover dates, just knowing it's coming soon is almost good enough.

Big Love is over, and I did cry, even if I haven't been totally into the show for a long time. And I finished Downton Abbey and it was SO EXCELLENT, so go on and watch it post-haste and such. Now I have a slew of books to tear into, starting with Stephen King's Under the Dome (which I'm pretty sure is the #1 reason why the Kindle was invented). 

And just because I like you so much, here's one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movie musicals. It gets really especially good at about 2:35.

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