Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Low

Another Monday, another test to my commitment to Sparklemotion or, you know, my place of employment. Arg. My upcoming mini vacation could not get here quickly enough.

Over the weekend the boy turned 11 months old, which hit me really hard. The reality train's bearing down on me, saying, "WOO-WOO, Next Stop One Year Old!" How can that be? In honor of the milestone, he went and picked up another whopper of a cold, poor buddy. Guess he's making up for all the sickness he didn't have the first 10 months of his live.The Florida warmth and sunshine will be good for him, for all of us, but sorry in advance to anyone who is on our flight on Friday. Start taking your Emergen-C now.

My brother and his fiancee came down for the weekend, so it was nice to just relax and hang out, and I also got to cash in on the pedicure gift certificate I got for Christmas from my secret Santa. It was so lovely and relaxing, and my feet are officially ready for sandals. So there you are.

Wishing you warm, happy, escape-thoughts, whether or not you need them.

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