Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This past weekend was tuh-riffic, but it went so fast I'm not sure if it actually happened. Some of you were there-- it did happen, right? The thing about living a 3+ hour drive away from the homestead is that going up on a Friday night and coming back Sunday afternoon--particularly when you lose an hour, jeez--it's just not long enough, and it's certainly not relaxing. But I've got my life to relax, yah? And these festive get-togethers are worth the cuckoo effects on my system.

My cousin (also a bridesmaid) and her husband gave HR and me a lift as Mike was representing our family at a separate gathering. He was pretty much a the best baby ever, sleeping for most of the ride and then going right back to hard sleep when we got to my parents' place. I took advantage of him being settled and ended up staying up chatting with everyone until 2 a.m.! I haven't seen that hour from that side of the night in ages. I couldn't believe it, but I was having a blast and could have just kept going.

Saturday was the shower, and it went off beautifully, no thanks to me. Everyone worked so hard! I'm once again grateful for my mother and grandmother and aunts and cousins and might-as-well-be-related friends who provided the food and decorations and did the set up and clean up. And I think my sister really enjoyed it. I had so been looking forward to doing my MOH duties and passing the baby around while all those ladies were assembled in one place, but my normally fearless buddy decided that it was time to be a mama's boy and cried every second I was out of his sight. Oh well. He was much happier and more his easygoing self when the crowd thinned. I really think he missed his dad, and so did I. It's not the same without him.

That night the party raged on and I was tempted to go out to the hometown bah with my siblings and their friends but I made the smarter decision, which was to go to sleep. At like 9 p.m. As I said it was the smart choice, though in the back of my mind I was sad to miss the fun. What can I say, that Perry instinct will always be with me. Never fear though, there is the bachelorette weekend screaming up on us, followed by the wedding in June which shall be one for the ages. Can't wait to dance to this, y'all!!!


We got a lift back on Sunday, and thanks to my cousin's genius loan of a DVD player the babe was a much happier passenger than usual. We were both psyched to reunite with Mike, even if I felt like I barely got to visit with anyone at home. May these split-up weekends be few and far between. Anyway, after all that extreme mama time it was very good for HR to have a break from me yesterday.

One more thing: my little baby nephew rolls over into double digits today! Clearly he has not been little nor a baby for several years, but probably to his mom and me he'll always seem that way. He'll never read this, but happy birthday, S-A-M, love the Queen of Somerville.

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