Monday, February 28, 2011

Good For What Ails Ya

This too shall pass... that was my weekend's mantra. "This," in this instance, being baby's first real cold. What I thought was teething (and it still might be, to boot) turned out to be a real em effer of an illness. It's been so hard on the poor guy, he has no idea what's happening to him and why we can't fix it. The worst part is missing his smile. He's usually so good natured and such a ham with an easy smile and laugh. The all-the-time crying and not being able to help him beyond my best efforts, it breaks my heart. Yes, I know, welcome to parenthood. We've both done our best to be liberal with cuddles and kisses and soothing words, which can be a downright challenge at 4 a.m. and he just won't return to his crib. Plus (though happily I hear he's doing well with Dada today so far) he only wants Mama when he's sick. I've been hauling him around endlessly and nursing like crazy, like I haven't done in months. I practically ran out the door to work this morning to get a little break. Just kidding about that (mostly). I feel so bad for the HR-ster. But really it's just a cold, the first of many, and I know he will be just fine. It will pass even though it feels like we'll be in this pattern of misery forever. I see people every day whose kids are really, really sick and I don't know how they handle it. Well, I do know. You just do it. But it's horrible. We've been so lucky with our guy.

Needless to say, though, we've been a sorry bunch since Thursday. Here's hoping tonight is the return of the sleep fairy. And if not tonight, then tomorrow night. It's what we all need, and how.

I'm sorry to give you such a nothing for an entry here but it is what it is. Maybe I can redeem myself with a little Levon Helm?

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