Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come to Pay Respects

13 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. 58 days until we leave for our little Florida jaunt. I know these countdowns are the antithesis to my SITM mantra, but there are times where the moment is not the best thing going. Which is all part of it, I know, I don't get to cut and run when the moment isn't to my liking. But when it applies to something so shallow and uncontrollable as the weather, I've decided I get a pass.

All's about as terrific as it gets home and baby-wise. We have a well-stocked kitchen and reliable heat and the best part--dudeness slept from 8-4:30, then back until 7:30 after a quick nursing for two nights in a row, which to me is perfect, really--it's just that what's keeping us inside is starting to make even a happy homebody like me go a little Jack Torrance. It really helps to know there's a beacon of good weather out there blinking at me, even if I can't quite see it.

So as I enjoy another work-from-home day, I'll confess that half my brainpower is dedicated to daydreaming of the ocean. That oughta keep me from going SOMETHING SOMETHING until I actually get there.

Here's this because, well, come on.

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