Monday, February 7, 2011

Yessir, That's My Baby

The weekend's over already? Dang. We spent half of it in the 'burbs with Mike's family, it was so nice for HR to be able to spend time with his Grandma and uncle and big-boy cousins. He's still not perfect at riding in the car, but he's gotten so much better - only one total meltdown out of about four round trips of varying length, so I'd say we're doing well. It requires a lot of distraction and endless "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" (and animal sounds made up on the fly - if HR asks, turtles say "turtle turtle" OK?) We do what we have to do. His sleeping has been back to crap, with up to four wakings per night over the past few.  I chalk the disintegration up to one night in the pack and play, and the next two following only one daytime nap instead of two. Tonight should be better. Unless there's another tooth coming in which case we're all effed. I'd say we're doing OK overall though, really working hard on cutting out the night nursing. It has finally sunk in that I'll never be able to do anything by the book with this kid, just rely on my intuition. It only took me nine months to get that, I guess I'm in the remedial class of mama. But it's helpful to keep mindful about staying in the moment combined with "this too shall pass." There's a lot of doubt ahead of me in the parenting abyss, but I'm in a pretty relaxed place right now in terms of how we're doing.

Did I mention that the boy is such a total joy to behold? I think I spend more time talking about ways that he isn't perfect, when that's the smallest part of the package. He amazes me every day, with his huge one-tooth smile, the way his hair has started to curl at his ears in that irresistible baby boy way, his new vocal exercises and total smitten-ness with certain books. I wonder if he'll ever tire of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? If he never does, that's OK. I'll read it to him as many times as he wants. What a kid, though, really. I know a lot of extra-wonderful special ones, but we totally got the best one. I don't say it enough, but I'm always thinking it.

Regarding the Superbowl - I've said it before and it remains true: I only have room for one sport in my fanatical heart and that's baseball. I could give a fraction of a rat's ass about football. But I do care about pop culture, so I watched a bit of the game last night. I was rooting for the Packers if for no other reason than we have good friends who live in Green Bay and we've been there quite a few times, meaning more than twice. Which I think is a lot for someone who isn't actually from there. I missed the halftime show on purpose because I have a real problem with Fergie. She never did anything to me but exist, but isn't that bad enough? So I just avoid her and her terrible band at all costs. We're both happier that way. Anyway, I was really in it for the post-game Glee, but it turns out I was a lame exhausted mama and will have to be viewing the recorded version of that tonight. It's funny about Glee, you'd think it was something tailor made for me. I enjoy it, but it's not my favorite show. I wouldn't consider myself a Gleek. I think the character writing and storylines can be rather lazy and stereotype reliant, and I'm all for suspending disbelief but the sometimes I'm way too distracted by things like, how is there always a jazz band right there when you need them? And if you can afford those costumes, can't you find a way to get wheelchair kid to regionals? But it's got the inimitable Jane Lynch, Mike O'Malley has been a huge wonderful surprise as Kurt's dad, and I can't not watch the one show on TV with musical numbers.

Plus sometimes they go way out in left field and cover a song like this one, so props.

Put that in your Monday and smoke it.

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  1. How come there's no German Shepherd in that video? Ripoff!