Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks for Asking!

I don't read a lot of magazines that aren't about food. This is mostly because they often make me crazy, particularly the woman-centric magazines. They find a way to dredge up my pet issues (no pun intended. Fine, pun totally intended) and I'm better off not getting het up about things I can easily choose to avoid. But since I usually forget to bring my own reading material when I'm in waiting room type situation, I'll check out a woman-focused periodical from time to time, and it seems that every one of them, from InStyle to Shape, has a feature about a famous person, asking, "What are you madly in love with right at this moment?" And it's always like, "Almonds! I eat five and they keep me full from breakfast to dinner. And these platform wedges (with a pic of said wedges) that are so comfortable, they go with everything, I wear them to pick them my kids up from school and also to go out for a night on the town [Prada, $5,400])." Celebrities, they're just like us!

Clearly nobody's going to write a feature like that about me. So hey, Ima just write one myself. (I'm participating in an extremely dull webinar right now, I need a distraction.)

Currently rocking my world:

Turkey Hill's "party cake" flavor ice cream. It's got chunks of cake right in the ice cream. It's magnificent. Add a glass of wine, voila, instant dinner!

Crazy Heart - we finally watched it after holding onto the Netflix copy for... how long since the baby was born? Jeff Bridges was ridiculously good. Loved the soundtrack. Erm, is it bad that we paused it halfway through to pour ourselves a bourbon?

Nicki Minaj? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. "I look like yes and you look like no." I'm smitten with the Young Money conglomerate in general, but mostly her.

Jason Sudeikis. He's been a celeb crush of mine since his Floyd Barber days, but now he's everywhere from Portlandia (recommendable in its own right) to the new probably-terrible Owen Wilson movie that I'll see anyway. That smile kills me. Did you know he's George Wendt's nephew? That sounds like something I'd make up and you'd believe me because, why would I lie about that? But it's true. Or is it?

Raising Hope (thank you Brandon for the reminder)- so lovely. It's the best comedy on TV after Community, I believe, with so much heart. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt kill it as the parents.

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I'm way late to the party on this one. Fashionably late, I like to think. As a heroine, Katniss Everdeen could kick Bella Swan's ass up and down the river and string up Edward and Jacob and the freaky vampire pedo-promised baby with the terrible name for good measure. The books are riveting.

Do-gooding - Mike and I helped rescue our neighbors' runaway dog this morning (not the jerk neighbors, but we would have done it for their stupid dog too, I guess), and it was a great feeling to play a part in something that could have had a very different and unhappy outcome. Morrissey would approve.


  1. Nick found the Crazy Heart soundtrack, perfectly unused, in a 'free box' at his practice space. Now I have all the songs that weren't on the half-assed torrent. mean you didn't open up my copy to watch?

  2. Ha! I thought about asking you if I could, but I figured we hung onto the netflix long enough, it was our duty to watch it. Now of course I feel I deserve a burned copy of the soundtrack for restraint. -D

  3. That can definitely be arranged

    Nick's commentary: "Even Colin What's-His-F--- was good in that movie...God, I'm turning into my father"

  4. Oh, and "Where the f---'s my drink, you Christmas Bastards?"