Thursday, February 24, 2011

Neither One is Actually About Fish

Mike's dad is hospitalized with a back injury, so he's gone down to see him today and I took a personal day to hang with my little squirt. He's getting in a much needed nap (is this relentless teething a result of a late start? In any case, poor bug!) and I'm pounding some much needed caffeine while I have the chance. Our day's only just begun, but I think it should be a good one. A bonus of being home today means I get to attend his music class with him, Mike says he loves it and I'm looking forward to finally getting to experience it in person.

I'm on a real movie kick lately, helped along by Mike getting a lot of fill-in night gigs and dear, dear Netflix. Last night I watched Catfish. I won't bother with a synopsis, but anyone who's seen it, what did you think? I kind of had an idea which way it was headed, just not the exact details. It was absorbing, anyway. I think I recommend it. Same with Fish Tank, which I also watched recently - I liked it but didn't love it. I've started now on Downton Abbey and I'm hooked.

I'm going to wrap this up before my shortstack awakes. Have a deee-lite-ful day!

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