Thursday, February 17, 2011

Notorious D.O.R.K.

It smells of Spring out there today. It's cruel I suppose, but I'll take the tease.

Sleeping? Don't ask, don't tell has yet to be repealed in that department.

I have a way-too-long entry about karaoke in the works but I don't have time to write it today.

What I do have time for, like always: a jam from the early-mid 1990s. Remember when Ken Griffey Jr. had this as his at-bat music? Just me?

Seriously though, how do you hear the first note of this song and not lose your mind? Having lost my mind every time, I couldn't tell you.


  1. I run to this song every day. I wish I danced to this song every day.

  2. Oh I do. I lose my mind every time. Truth. Classic.