Monday, April 1, 2013

No Foolin'

Easter weekend was a dream. My family came out in full, multi-generational force, the weather was beautiful, the food was plentiful and delicious. HR was in his glory with the love and attention and, er, sugar. He had a great go-round with his first Easter Bunny visit. Oh, and I guess we're potty training in earnest now, which is an experiment in agony-ecstasy. Really we can afford to take a zen approach, because we weren't even planning to start until after his third birthday, so every time we have success it's taken for what it is. When we have a miss, it's no tragedy, just pass the wet wipes and keep trying. It will be nice to be a diaper-free household, but I'm not setting my sights on getting there any time soon. On a related note, is there anything cuter than toddlers strutting around in their big-boy undies?

Friday night my brother and I went to an old school hip-hop show, which was a treat for many reasons because it was a super fun show, also, we got some one-on-one sibling time which never happens. The crowd was amazing, almost exactly 50/50 racial make-up from what I could see, and everyone there was my age or older. There were some outliers like my brother, who didn't know a lot of the songs but is appreciative of the art form, but mostly it was a 30s-40s crowd, psyched to have a night out and going mental when the hits came on. I was on the floor, and nobody pushed, which is one of the main factors in assessing my enjoyment at a concert. Also Big Daddy Kane came out into the crowd during his last number and I could have touched him but I didn't.  I know famous people are just people, but for some reason I'm askeered of celebrities in real life. The music really brought me back in a good way, and I have to say I missed Niki keenly through the entire thing. Which I should have expected. Anyway.

On the whole, life is killin' it right now.

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