Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hooch Talk

From the booze files: do you have a signature drink? I do not. I want to have one, but I just like all the alcohols. My go-to is a glass of malbec, a nice hoppy draft, or bourbon rocks. But in the summer a gin and tonic hits the spot, and a perfectly poured Guinness cannot be topped and everyone knows you go manhattan at a fancy occasion, like a wedding reception. Plus you can't have a celebration without popping a cork, am I right? So you see why I can't commit. No James Bond, I (though a proper martini is not without its charms).

As we move toward summer, however, I have a seasonal ritual of predicting what my warm-weather drink is going to be, and usually stick to it. A couple of years ago it was the negroni (Campari is summer). Last year (or was it two years ago?) I was way into sparkling rose, which of course is still in the rotation. This year, though I historically prefer reds, I'm all about the mineral-y whites, like a nice vinho verde. It seems that my slow transformation into total MOM is just about complete, right down to my drink of choice. I'm at peace with that. Just stop me if you see me crossing over to white zin.

I am aware that you will now think I am a full-time lush. And to that I say,

On another note, you'd be surprised how much I love old country music. I was, anyway.

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