Monday, April 22, 2013

And Onward

I feel like anything I could say regarding the events of the past few days would be superfluous. It's all been said. I'm in a very very lucky place where I can close the book mentally and any lingering sadness and anxiety is second hand. I don't even know anyone who was injured. The madness hit close to home--literally, as in the suspects' apartment is blocks away from my house, and greater Boston area is itty-bitty in general--but now that the initial shock and panic has faded, I have the luxury of moving on. This is in no way meant to belittle others' grief,  their loss and trauma. That is for serious, and I can't even imagine what all these families are going through. But that is theirs, and even as the tragedy sort of belongs to me as a Bostonian, I feel like I don't want to claim it. It was awful and it sucked and I want to revel in just being OK now. Until the next curveball, the one that might be the one that delivers a real personal blow. Ah, life.

Speaking of curveballs, we unexpectedly moved HR to a big-boy bed this weekend. I mean, it's not that unexpected. The kid's going to be three on Saturday for crying out loud, lots of kids are out of cribs before their second birthday. But he had never once showed any interest in or awareness of the possibility of escaping the baby cage until Saturday night when he executed a swan dive over the rail and landed on his head. He was fine, but witnessing that in all of its split-second-but-slow-motion glory was not my favorite parental moment. I'm tentatively happy to report that the first night in the BBB went beautifully. Tentatively, because I'm not dumb enough to think that one good night = mission accomplished. He actually had a nap yesterday afternoon, so he went to bed under ideal, non-overtired conditions. Plus we made a huge deal about how cool it is to be out of a crib. And he really took to heart the awesomeness of being able to crawl into bed himself, while at the same time not quite getting that he could also crawl out. I'm optimistic that he's just ready because he's practically a teenager, but who the hell knows how it's going to go when the novelty wears off.

I think it does help that he's older, and so is probably just developmentally prepared for this step. Time will tell. Even though HR has been true to his surfer-dude leisurely pace in hitting this latest milestone, it still feels like it happened so fast and it makes me a little emotional. No more crib. Next up: no more diapers. No more baby. Our boy's growing up is an awesome thing to witness, and I'm looking forward to every step, but it doesn't mean I'm not prone to sentimentality.

What the hell, here's some Big Boy, for our big boy.

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