Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Magic Number, FIN

Well dude, you are three years old. You're officially a preschooler, though you won't be going to school until the fall. Our little guy has grown so much this year, learned so much, and Daddy and I are always amazed by the things you remember and the things you say. Your smile--with all those big boy teeth!--is my favorite sight in the world. I adore your terrible attempts at imitating a British accent (Por-reege to-dee Grom-eet - Tues-dee!) and your excitement over little things like music class or going to visit your cousins or blowing bubbles. I will never ever tire of this question: "Mama, can we have a dance party?" The answer will always be yes.

You are in your big boy bed now, soon (we hope) you'll be done with diapers for good, and before we know it you'll be four. But I just want to concentrate on you being you, right here and right now.  There's so much world out there you have yet to discover, I'm just thrilled we get to come along for the ride.

Happy birthday HR, my own little wish come true.

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