Monday, April 8, 2013

Modern Probs

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to write about in here because I already facebooked it out. It's one of the inevitable by-products of our family's schedule that finds me alone so much with a (sleeping or awake) toddler - there are moments I want to share with other adults, and FB provides an instant community. HR does something cute? Post a pic. I'm watching a movie that I really really want to discuss? I can usually find someone up for discussing it and not only that, sometimes they're watching the same thing (that actually happened this weekend). Outside that whole working-opposite-schedules-from-my-husband bit, it's nearly the perfect set-up for me, because I'm not lonely in my solitude. My alone time is sacred. It's just that I like to let people in at my convenience. Often when I see my friends and family in real life, though, I realize I've already had half the conversations online or whatever story I've got to tell has already been posted in my blog. Future time electro-robot problems! I have almost nothing to offer as a flesh-and-blood person anymore, I might as well be a head and pair of hands in a jar and start a twitter account.

OK, maybe it's not as drastic as all that. I think I strike a decent balance when it comes to using technology and being in the moment with my loved ones, but it does behoove me to drop out every now and then. I'm not going anywhere just now, I mean, it's a workday and being online serves a whole other host of purposes. It's just a good thing to check in and remind myself why it's smart to keep to the dull side of the double-edge-social-media-sword.

Hey, whatever! It's opening day at Fenway Park and let's go you beautiful Sox.

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