Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Ten

Lazy List Lady strikes again! Here are ten things currently delighting the hell out of me.

1) This should come as no surprise as I am a hardcore musical nerd, but HR's latest enthusiasm for singing and dancing (despite his newly formed aversion to actually listening to music) is my favorite thing. His "hot dog dance" cribbed from "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is nothing short of toddler-sublime, and hearing him sing in that sweet little voice gets me right in the heart. I especially love when he's playing by himself and absentmindedly breaks into song. That's how I realized he had memorized the cheeky inside-joke lyrics to the "Ballad of Mike" we sang in the family talent show this summer. Oops! But also, so great (note to those who were there - he really nails the high note on "forty-twooooo!"). That boy is Broadway bound, obviously.

2) Matthew Mitcham - how did this young gentleman fail to capture my notice? I am more of a Winter Olympics enthusiast than a Summer one, but I find it hard to believe that this gorgeous, out-and-totally-chill-about-it Australian swimmer wasn't plastered onto my radar until I saw him on an unrelated show last night. I'm not saying I spent my precious time watching "Be Good Johnny Weir" or anthying, but I didn't not watch it. Seriously though, I am a new fan of this dude.

3) The cooler nights and mornings - next stop, sweater weather. Time to yank out the AC units and plug in the crock pot. Yes, child.

4) Maine Memes - I don't do the twitter, but I follow them on facebook, and though I'm sure I'll be as sick of them in a couple of days as I tend to be of all memes, so many of them hit home. You do actually have to have lived in Maine at some point to get the joke.

5) Frank Ocean - I've been fascinated by this singer for awhile now, and seeing him on SNL this weekend sealed the deal. He reminds me in some ways of Maxwell when he kicks into falsetto mode, but then he has this whole other thing going on. And headbands. Never underestimate the power of a headband on a bald guy.

6) While I'm on the subject of SNL, I haven't watched it much in recent years, but I was able to keep my old arse awake for the season premiere and I realize not only that I really dig Bobby Moynihan, but that I tend to favor, with the exception of Horatio Sanz maybe, the portlier cast members. From John Belushi to Chris Farley, I guess it's the fearlessness that powers their performances that really works for me. Of course I love Bill Murray and Amy Poehler and Jason Sudeikis and such, but I have a soft spot for the chubby comedians. Bobby is killing it for the moment. And even though there's no way it's going to work out, I'm really rooting for him and Marnie on Girls.

7) It's Octoberfest beer taahhhhhmmmm!

8) I'm going on for reals grownup vacation in less than two months!

9) SYTYCD Finale tonight!

10) Finally, it's not new, but I want to give props to this composition, one of the greatest songs in musical history, in the role originated by the incomparable Murray Head.

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