Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Come To This

Oh, GURL this has been a day. Not a bad day, just another bowl o' Cuckoo Banana Nuts poured from the giant box that is my workplace. It's a good job, and even when it's crazy I like it because I love my coworkers. But people, man. Just when you think there's no longer a situation that could come up and surprise you, something emerges that goes beyond. And then beyond a little more.

But never mind all that, you'll all be psyched to know that I took my lunch hour today to finally go out and top up my meager bra collection. I have added exactly one bra to the roster since my child was born, and the ones from before were not exactly doing the job any more so basically I've been rocking one bra all the time, with lots of weekend cheating with sports bras. They're comfy, but not the most flattering, so it was just time to increase my options. I do hold the belief that a proper support garment is priceless, but damn why you gotta be so expensive? Since I buy these guys so infrequently, I really do it right, going to the old lady store and getting fitted and doing a lot of hemming and hawing before making my choice. Every trip takes longer than it took me to do the entire wedding gown process, and also cost more (keep in mind I did not make my wedding gown the central expense of the affair, but still). In the end, the comfort and price tags are worth it for me. But though I have always been psyched about being a woman, I still occasionally resent the built-in costs of doing certain things the way I want to do them. I accept them, I mean, I could choose to cut corners and ooze from the cups or flop about all the time or have to go back and buy new holding devices at twice the frequency for lack of quality. But I go the way I go, even though it's probably my fault that we won't be able to send HR to an Ivy League college. The world needs ditchdiggers, too, kiddo.

Yes, this may be one of the most "first world problem" things I've ever written, but I think a lot of women can relate. In conclusion, BOOBS.

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