Monday, September 17, 2012


Last night we celebrated Rosh Hashanah with some of Mike's family, it was a small gathering, but really nice. I love this celebratory holiday that typically falls in a time of  transition. Its nice to feast with loved ones just for its own sake, but the tradition of getting together with an emphasis on focusing on what's good in our lives, that's especially meaningful to me. This was HR's third Jewish New Year, and the first for which he was at the table for (most of) the meal. He was much more interested in playing with his cousins' dinosaur collection than sitting and eating, but I can't really blame him for that. It honestly seems like yesterday that my big-boy nephews were attending in high chairs and Mike and I would go home afterward and sometimes go back out to a bar or whatever. Time, you crazy jackass. I love how we've all grown and changed, but it really does happen incredibly fast. It's why I do my best to not miss any get together on either side of the family. We have to sometimes of course, and it only gets crazier as more little people get added, but it's the kind of crazy I intend to foster. I don't look at any celebration with people I love as an obligation. Not everything is all, "Oh yay I can't wait to go to this ___!" but in the scheme of things, I've only ever regretted what I've missed. And while I do harbor regrets in my life and know I'm not done making new ones, I'm doing my best to minimize them. That's my intention for every year, but this is the first I've decided to publicly state it.

Good family, good food, good, sweet wishes and feelings to you all, even if you're not celebrating a New Year. You can't have the good without The Sweet!

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