Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I (Heart) You But I Choose Dubstep

OK dance peeps - what did you think of the performance finale last night? I loved every second, that was THE episode to see of the season, if you had to watch only one. Eliana is probably the best dancer they have ever had on the show, she just nails the crap out of every single thing, and I'm not sure why I didn't lock in on Chehon from the get-go. He's totally endeared himself to me. Tiffany, look, I'm happy for her. But she doesn't have a shot to win. If she does, well, egg on my face and high fives for her tiny little hands. Cyrus, though I'm going to side with that bastard Nigel in favoring Chehon for the win, I'm so proud of you, buddy, and your routine with Twitch was the routine of the night, if not the season. It's a lock to be reprised next week. Eliana better be hitting the energy bars, because based on the sheer number of memorable routines she starred in, she's gonna be a busy girl in next week's show. Top program, I will miss it when it's over.

I just have more thing to address, and it's HOLY BALLS WELCOME BACK WILL in the All-Star corner. Will! Remember this dude? I guess I really wasn't painting the past with a golden brush when I was nearly able to let Will slip from my memory. Season 4 was indeed a banner year when Joshua was my it-boy from his audition, but there was also Twitch (who really just got more amazing with time) and Katee and Courtney G. and Gev (their rhumba was the best I've ever seen) and Mark and Chelsie. There have been outstanding performers and performances that make every year worth it, but that was my all time favorite season. But for season 9, I'd say it wrapped up pretty swell.

Oh, dancing, on the heels of an emotionally raw day, you once again proved to be a balm for my soul. 

I will leave you with this bit of mighty brilliance, and then watch it ten more times myself. (Side note: is District 78 on the show's payroll? They might as well go ahead and make them the exclusive music for all their songs that are featured).

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