Monday, September 24, 2012

Soul Rotation

Looking back on the past week, it appears I've been on a negativity purge. Bitching is not my default activity. I don't enjoy it, and it doesn't normally come naturally to me. But I feel like everything that's bothering me about the world and then some has converged over my head in a short period of time. I really don't want to lose faith in humanity, I don't want to accept that things are what they are and there isn't much that can be done about an epidemic of discourteousness, lack of empathy, complete self-centeredness. But lately people are not making it easy, and the stranger who thoughtlessly threw her refuse from her car into my driveway while I watched, speechless, from my window, broke the whole thing open. If I had not been alone with my little boy I would have definitely stormed out and confronted her. Not that it would have done any good, but passivity certainly wasn't the answer. I couldn't drag HR out to witness that, though. So I let it pass. And it ate away at me all day.

Then I went to the second birthday party of our dear friends' little boy and it helped me regain perspective. Seeing all those little ones playing together, being wild and also loving toward one another, it made me think, maybe we can change things. Maybe these little ones, the ones upon whom we might make an early impression, perhaps lead by example -- they are the answer. The hope. Also, so damn cute. I mean really, toddlers in moustaches - tape this up in the war room and every nuke factory is immediately shut down, am I right?

That goodness, combined with the perfect fall weather, the lovely adult company and the beer and the cake and other deliciousness, helped get me back to myself. There's lots that still sucks. But there's also lots that doesn't, and that's what I choose to nurture. That's my compass.

(Caption for all these photos: stuff that doesn't suck.)

Oh yeah, and you might also notice the lack of hair on one Mr. HR. We had his first haircut on Saturday, he did quite well and seems to be totally cool with the new 'do. It was bittersweet for me, because he's looking so grown now, but also so handsome. His resemblance to my brother at that age is off the charts. If I haven't previously made it clear, I am a fan of my brother so this is a fine thing. We all just hope the resemblance ends when it's orthodontia time (no offense, Uncle Nick!).

So I guess I'm on the upswing. Big and small things will always bother me. But I'll deal as best I can. And when in doubt: Bowie.

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