Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gearing Up

As much as I'd like to talk about last night's SYTYCD at length, it's my last day in the office before vacation and I won't feel right or ready to spend time doing that until I'm certain I've got all my darling work-ducks in a row. Let's just say Eliana and Cyrus and Lindsay and Cole were the best of last night, and leave it at that. OK fine, Witney and Chehon's routine was beautiful, but I thought Stacey Tookey was swinging some big balls when she chose to set it to "I Will Always Love You," and I couldn't escape the feeling that I was being manipulated. Was it really that good, or was it a trick of music and memories? Who knows? Showbiz!

Despite the fact that I won't be leaving for a couple of days, or that I still have to clock in a number of hours Getting Shit Done and then working at home tomorrow, oh, and that the weather forecast looks particularly dismal through mid-week next week, I'm starting to get the old happy butterflies knocking around in my belly. Besides, weather forecasts are notoriously noodgy. And I need something to do to pass the time and absorb all this energy to get me to the finish line. Or starting line, as it were. So yeah, here we go.

I choose to celebrate the prospect of going to my favorite place with some of my very favorite people (and getting a nice long break from mini-Bedlam) with something that makes me die of happiness every time I see it. The giddiness it inspires is similar to the feeling I get as we approach vacation every year, increasing tenfold by the day.

See you on the other side, friends. Unless you're on Facebook, in which case you won't be rid of me until I'm actually in the out-of-service range. Island kisses!

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