Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ooh Baby Baby

I'm gonna mix things up and write a short entry today, which is really nothing more than an expanded question built around today's song selection. I find myself car dancing to Usher's "Scream" a lot these days, but also sort of cringing inside because of the words. There's nothing special about this particular song in the mild ickiness of its lyrics (it's not even close to the same league as the laughably filthy "Motivation" by Michelle Williams and Lil Wayne - and you can't even dance to that one), it's merely the latest offender. I know that lyrics from the beginning of time have referenced sex in various veiled and straightforward ways, but I can't think of any time an "I want to do you" song has ever not made me roll my eyes. I'm not a prude by any means, it's just that it's so hard to write about the subject and have it actually turn out... sexy. It's always cheesy at best, embarrassingly bad at worst. So to save my poor tired sockets, I just don't listen closely to lyrics much anymore, and then I'm free to shake it up to stuff like this.


But it leaves me with the question, what songs about sex are actually sexy? I think Lucinda Williams is pretty skilled in this realm, "Righteously" comes to mind. And I think Greg Dulli has the right mix of charisma, audacity and musical chops to pull of his entire dark, cheeky oeuvre. But what else? What else?

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