Monday, July 23, 2012

Hope It Don't Rain All Day

Stellar weekend, so relaxed and low-key. Our date night was great, HR was well behaved for his sitters, at least that's how they tell it. Mike and I got to consume some delicious food and bev and just talk about whatever for a stretch of several hours. Sometimes the whatever didn't even involve our kid!

Saturday was full of small treats like a trip 'round the corner--to the place we've been going as a family since HR was a week old, where the waiter always marvels at how much he's grown--for the best burgers. After naptime (it turned out to be naptime for mama, too) we met up with friends at a street fair, followed by an impromptu dinner. In situations like that, I realize just how much I am enjoying the relative freedom and flexibility that comes with my boy getting older. To be able to change plans on the fly is not always feasible with a small person, but times like Saturday when Mike was working and I was on sole parent duty, and I hadn't planned on getting dinner out besides, it sounded like a lot of fun to keep the party going, so I rolled the dice and it worked out really well. I got to hang out with big people I like. The boy got play with his toddler friend and then chow down on superior mac and cheese and write on the table with chalk (I know!). He loved riding on the T, and by the time we got home it was close to bedtime and he was more than ready to crash. Sunday, more good stuff, including an unexpected detour to the splash park (a huge hit with HR, he's not always a fan of random water spray) and an unplanned run-in with the same friends I'd seen the day before, which is amazing considering that the everyday-ness of our every days has prevented us from crossing paths for months. All in all, these are the times.

I know that children thrive on routine and mine's no different, but if there's ever any allowance for free-forming it, I'll take ultra advantage of it, because that's my default setting. The go-with-the-flow method has netted some of the best times in my life. But as today started on the appropriately insane note for what promises to be a chock full o'nuts week-before-vacation workweek, I'll get back on the beam. After a song, of course.

I've been in love with Van Morrison's music since the summer vacation years ago when one of my older cousins left behind a cassette tape of Moondance. Something compelled me to pop it into my walkman, and I ended up listening to it over and over and over again, I couldn't get enough. I wasn't looking for Van at the time, the only music I was really into back then came from Yo! MTV Raps, to be honest, but I remember this being one of the cloudy and rainiest weeks we ever had on the island and I was experiencing that particular brand of lonesome inner quiet that comes with being the only teenager among people who were much older or much younger than me, so it just resonated with me. And if you think about it, it's just another example of how rolling with it paid off.

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