Thursday, July 12, 2012

Like Cagey Tigers

Finally, finally the dance competition started last night on SYTYCD. I enjoyed it, but it didn't blow me away. I'll be waiting and hoping for that "big chills" number in every episode. As for last night's show, I have an uncharacteristic few points to make.

-Nigel is throwing me for a loop this year with his actual constructive comments. I'm impressed so far, Sir. Let's not make me eat my words.

-The Christopher Scott opening number was pretty great.

-I'm still feeling Will, looking forward to seeing where he goes from here. The silly Love Cats number with Amelia was actually one of my favorites of the night.

-My actual favorite was probably the African Jazz with Dareian and Janelle - love that couple. Also, Lindsay and Cole's paso doble. That boy was made for the paso.

-I hope things work out for Cyrus because he's so likeable, but I thought his performance in the Broadway number last night was way overrated. I adore his partner Eliana, she's still my fave girl, but I didn't get how everyone was into the routine. C looked really stiff and his lack of training was distracting. Maybe it's just me, whatever.

-I am in love with the ballroom choreographers this year. Louis Van Amstel and Jason Gilkison, let's be bffs and maybe you can teach me that butt shaking thing.

Overall, it was enjoyable. Just about any dancing is better than no dancing in my opinion, but I guess I've just been spoiled by the talent in some past seasons that nothing flipped my rabid fangirl switch on the first night. I'm sure I'll rewatch everything at some point and probably change my mind about everything a bunch of times.

In real life, all is calm and all is bright, and all is off to the wild again this weekend to camp out with a bunch of real hippies and those who only play one on the stage. Wahoo!

Oh, to have been born me, but with kd lang's voice...

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