Monday, July 16, 2012


I will never go so far as to complain about my job because, job-wise, it's the best of the best. But as with any thing in any life, sometimes situations arise in the course of the job that bring out my full-on jaded grump tendencies. I'm in such an irritated mood right now, my frustrations are threatening to eclipse a lovely, serene weekend and last night's awesome sleep which is the most I've gotten in one night possibly since HR's birth. A damn shame, that. I blame the heat. I've seen Do the Right Thing, I know a heatwave is a harbinger and/or catalyst of menace.

Three important things to visualize on this guns-a-blazin' Monday:

1) In just under two weeks I'll be on vacation. Far away from the petty annoyances that I can usually deal with fine, but have been piling up and escalating lately. Away from any kind of technology, which is not always a break I think I need but it does really do me a world of good. And if it's still super hot, I won't care, because I can just jump in the ocean.

2) In the spirit of our weekend reunion, it helps to think about what dear Leo would do if he were in my place today, and I know he would smile, and deal, and move on. If anyone could see the big picture, it was that guy.

3) Finally, sometimes a little air on your neck makes all the difference in your attitude.

All right, that's better. Tomorrow: meditations on yet another fantastic weekend. For the rest of this day, let's see if I can't continue to nurture my inner mellowness. Listening to a little Bobby M. is a good start.

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