Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Recap

Dancing happened again last night, and wasn't it grand? Well, some of it was. And some of it was whatever that dentist chair monstrosity was supposed to be. But overall, it made me super glad.


-The opening number. It started kind of eh, but really picked up for me. Nice fake out by Nappy Tabs, I was expecting it to be a Sonya. They're really showing some range in style year, which is nice. And good for you Tabitha for rocking it out while about to tip over from extreme pregnant belly syndrome.

-THE SHANK. I don't care if he kept plugging his movie, I love Adam Shankman.

-Amelia and Will, again. Favorite couple alert. Also, the George/Tiffany foxtrot, Audrey and Matt's thingy, and Bollywood because I almost always love the Bollywood. Amber was gorgeous in the tango, and I was pretty proud of Cyrus in the jive. He's actually showing some growth.

-None of the judges liked the "My Girl" number but I thought it was really sweet, maybe I just have a soft spot for Dareian, I don't know.

-What a difference make-up makes - I know Alexa is a pretty lady, but without the red lipstick, she's super, super beautiful. I feel similarly about Amelia. Once she got rid of her stupid eyeliner wings she looked tons better, even if the natural look is an illusion. The pros really know what they're doing.

-I wasn't that broken up about any of the eliminations, but the process felt really abrupt and stone cold. It gave the show an impersonal air vs. the usual lovefest sendoff. That said, I appreciate them not dragging it out forever. Maybe it'll feel less stark when they have a bit more airtime. In any case it's gotta be tough to watch and critique the dancers when they pretty much know who's going home.

-Likelihood of me seeing Step Up Revolution: higher than zero percent. Significantly higher.

-Oh, and while I'm being all judgy about things like stage make-up and costumes, whoever clothed every woman in the Step Up number who didn't happen to be Kathryn probably hates women. What was with the gross 1980s suspender leotards? That shit worked for Jane Fonda maybe, but nobody before or since.

Ah, through it all, I just love the show. And we're just getting started.

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